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    Talent strategy

    The essence of talent strategy: Talent is a strategic resource.

    The core of talent strategy is to cultivate, attract, use and explore people.

    Talent strategy is a reflection on the future, focusing on the role of talent in promoting the sustainable and long-term development of enterprises.

    Is the fundamental purpose of the implementation of talent strategy, talent as the key factors for promoting the development of the career, to make hundreds of millions of high-quality workers, tens of millions of specialized personnel and a large number of top creative talents, the construction of large scale, reasonable structure, high quality talent team, create a new situation of the talented people, the men.

    The talent strategy is an important part of the economic and social development strategy, and it is the overall plan and thinking of the development of talent resources. The strategy mainly includes two meanings:

    First, we should strengthen the development of human resources, improve the basic quality of human resources in an all-round way, transform a country with a large population into a country with strong human resources, and enhance the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of human resources by enhancing their competitiveness.

    Second, we should focus on the innovation of institutions and mechanisms to attract talents for our use by improving the attraction and cohesion of policies and systems for talents. To implement this strategy, we must, in accordance with the principles stipulated in the talent development strategy, adhere to the theme of building human resources and capacity, adjust and optimize the talent structure as the main line, and use reform and innovation as the driving force, and do a good job in training, attracting and making good use of talents in all fields.