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    Tank group is a professional design and production of domestic container houses collectivize company, founded in 2008, the current business network covering the whole country economy more developed in 19 provinces and cities and regions, has more than 90 branches, including the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta, southwest, fujian, east China and other places of more than ten container production material supply base. Integrating raw material supply, product research and development, design, standard case production, product customization, hoisting, transportation and sales, We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, professional and cost-effective residential and commercial space solutions. Over the years, our market share has ranked the first, and we are the industry leader in integrated housing and container housing in China.

    Ark family supply center is ark of group directly under the pearl river delta regional raw materials and finished goods supply center, has three township junan, foshan chencun foshan, zhongshan, dongguan DaLang, guangzhou baiyun five factory, sites with a total area of more than 80000 square meters, staff 300, both to move raw materials and spare parts supply, finished product wholesale, high-grade decoration box and custom, distribution and assembly function. Supply center standardized products cover the whole class A fire box, customized box, and air conditioning, bed, door, wall plate, container production material such as hardware and accessories, safe and reliable product quality, wide business scope, the geographical position is superior, the box assembled aging fast, is dedicated to the broad masses of customers to provide comprehensive, high quality, economic, convenient box.

    • Ark clan group
      It was founded in 2008

    • Its business outlets cover 19 provinces, cities and regions with relatively developed economy

    • With more than 90 branches including the Yangtze River Delta, pearl River Delta, southwest, Fujian, East China and other places