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    Guizu’Romantic Ocean Style Villa Gives You a New Living Experience

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    Guizu’romantic Ocean Style villa attends Shanghai International Hospitality Design & Supplies Expo 2020

         Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo 2020 was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from August 12 to August 14, 2020. Adhering to the concept of innovation and trend, the Expo provides a one-stop purchasing platform for designers and engineers. As China's international economic, financial, trade, shipping, science and technology innovation center, national logistics hub, one of the world's largest cities, Shanghai has attracted countless people's attention. The number of exhibitions held in Shanghai ranks first in China, and the annual total revenue of exhibitions accounts for nearly 50% of the country.


         Shanghai Guizu still exhibited this romantic Ocean Style two-floor villa--Yihaixiaozhu. The distinctive design of residence and vacation is more in line with the core theme of this exhibition. Shanghai International Hotel and Commercial Space Expo Plus is the first domestic exhibition focusing on engineering procurement and exchange in hotel and commercial space industry. It is jointly organized by Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Tourism Hotel Association, China department store business association, China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association, Ministry of housing and urban rural development · architectural culture center and other domestic authoritative industry organizations to integrate building materials exhibition, engineering design exhibition and hotel furniture exhibition , clean exhibition, vending machine exhibition, Chain Franchise Exhibition and other theme exhibitions which are deeply related to hotel and commercial space, strive to build and expand the industry ecosystem of Hotel + and create a one-stop purchasing platform for "construction and operation" of hotel and commercial space.

         The exhibits are mainly in blue and white, with vertically and horizontally arranged containers and white columns. The appearance is very creative. The whole product is prefabricated in the factory, with exquisite interior decoration and complete supporting facilities, which can protect the site and environment from being affected. The crane and flat car are used for overall loading and unloading transportation. After the water and electricity facilities are connected on site, it can be moved in.

    網頁04 (2).jpg

         Living on the first floor and leisure on the second floor can fully meet the needs of daily living. The entrance of the first floor has a bar and sofa coffee table, and the upper ceiling is a hidden lift bed. Bedroom with bay window balcony, access to bathroom and wash basin. The large-area floor window design can increase the daily lighting area, and also can make you better enjoy the outdoor scenery. Whether there is sand beach or sea or not, it can bring people an open and comfortable living experience.

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         The outdoor stairs lead to the second floor, with the help of vertical and horizontal placement of the container, effectively expanding the use area. The small balcony outside can be used to plant flowers and plants you like. The interior tea room is decorated with exquisite and artistic style. You can drink tea and chat with your family and friends here. You can also have a quiet rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. It's really exciting~

         At the exhibition site, the unique, novel appearance and exquisite interior decoration of the exhibits have attracted the attention of many visitors and customers. The staff of the exhibition also had a careful communication and exchange on the design, production, decoration, distribution, installation, price, safety and other issues raised by customers.



         At the exhibition, a number of potential customers have conducted in-depth and detailed communication on this product, and the project planning is in progress. The exhibits will eventually enter the practical application of the cultural and tourism industry, so as to play a higher commercial value.

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         As for the products of sojourn, there are more classic designs to choose from! Creativity and quality is our direction of improvement and promotion! Welcome to visit and call us, we will make a customized house for you according to your needs!


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