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    Guizu New Products--Simple Business Style Studio Take You Into Guangzhou Housing Expo

    Author:柜族集團 Source: Time:2020-08-04 18:14:26 views:

    Guizu new products will be unveiled at Guangzhou Housing Expo 2020!

    On August 3, 2020, the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Integrated Housing Industry Expo and Industrial Building Products and Equipment Exhibition (HEREINAFTER referred to as Guangzhou Housing Expo) opened in Zone B of China Import and Export Trade Fair.


    As an annual prefab construction carnival, Guangzhou Housing Expo attracted much attention, with the industry and the market full of expectations. The exhibition attracted nearly 300 well-known brands to join the industry feast, with the "Assembly Ceremony, Pioneer voice" to blow the assembly of the development of the industry after the epidemic, the scale of unprecedented! On its first day alone, the exhibition attracted more than 50,000 visitors.

    In the battle with novel Coronavirus, the rapid construction of a large number of emergency prevention facilities and hospitals represented by "Vulcan Mountain" and "Raytheon Mountain" attracted worldwide attention. While marveling at the speed of Construction in China, people also fully recognize the advantages of prefab construction, such as high degree of mechanization, fast construction speed, fewer workers and good product quality. With the gradual easing of the epidemic and the recovery of market confidence, prefab buildings are expected to embrace the opportunity of rapid growth.

    The products exhibited by Guizu Group this time are located in Booth R18, Zone 11.1, Pavilion B of Canton Fair. The main body is a studio on two floors, office negotiation on the first floor and living accommodation on the second floor. It is composed of two independent containers and a staircase.

    The living room on the first floor can place tables, chairs, sofas, tea sets, etc. it is a good place for office, meeting guests, drinking tea and chatting. The overhead space outside the door can be used as parking space or outdoor leisure area, which is very suitable for small start-up companies to use in the initial stage. The outdoor staircase leads to the second floor, separating office from living. The living room on the second floor is equipped with a simple kitchen and a hidden toilet, which is convenient for daily cooking and living. The bedroom with balcony is warm and bright. You can relax your body and mood by reading, thinking and resting on the couch at any time!

    In the form of expression, the entire exhibit is modern and simple design, the product shape is square, black and white collocation is calm and atmospheric, low-key and does not lose grade. What's more, this exhibit has completely broken through the style element of container in appearance. Through the material collocation of internal and external decorative surface, the product has changed the industrial and rough image of container into a modern building with fashion and exquisite. Interior decoration using intelligent lighting, curtains and other facilities, very in line with modern people's pursuit of smart home and building environmental protection.


    The biggest feature of Guizu products is that they are all prefabricated in the factory. A container is a modular house. Like Lego building blocks, we can achieve different effects in area and height through the combination of multiple containers. With the change of demand, it is very easy to increase or decrease, which is very suitable for temporary or short-term residential, office and business scenarios.

    Our products can be rented and sold and we provide one-stop service of design, production, distribution, installation and follow-up maintenance. In order to meet the higher-level needs of customers, many companies of Guizu Group have added customized service departments to enhance personalized high-end customized services for more customers.

    In 2020, a large number of our products have been used in epidemic prevention and control and the "beautiful countryside" projects introduced by the Guangdong provincial government, such as isolation rooms in communities and hospitals, office rooms for epidemic monitoring points, agricultural houses for fishing ponds purchased by the government, washing rooms for pig farms of twin group, and temporary houses for supporting projects invested by the government for new infrastructure construction.

    On the afternoon of the same day, Mr. Luo Jun, executive president of Guangdong Aishangguizu Modular House Co.,LTD., was invited by the organizing committee to be the special expert consultant of "2020 China (Guangzhou) International Housing Expo and international prefabricated building development summit" and attended the licensing ceremony. To provide consultation and guidance on industrial policy, market and technology for the 12th China (Guangzhou) International Housing Expo and international prefabricated building development summit, and comprehensively improve the quality of the exhibition and summit.

    Luo Jun, CEO of Guizu Group, said in an interview that container houses, as a branch of prefabricated buildings, have a very broad market space in the future. The development direction of Guizu group is always centering on the green and environmental protection industry of prefabricated building, constantly researching and developing and improving our products, improving the integrated design, industrial production, assembly construction and integrated decoration degree of products, so as to make our products more and more widely applied.

    Prefab building has become a global trend. At present, prefabricated buildings in the world are mainly concentrated in Europe, America, Japan, Singapore and other developed countries, and there is still great room for improvement in the domestic market. Prefabricated buildings, as one of the important directions for the transformation and upgrading of China's construction industry, have also been highly valued by the state. According to incomplete statistics, at present, more than 30 provinces and cities have issued special guidance and relevant supporting measures on prefabricated buildings, and many localities have put forward clear requirements for the development of prefabricated buildings. Prefab buildings will account for more than 30 percent of new construction nationwide by 2020. The prefab construction industry, which is enjoying a policy dividend, is expected to reach 1,438.9 billion yuan in 2025, ushering in a blue ocean market of trillions of yuan.