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    Flood control and emergency rescue, guarding home, dedication of love, Guizu container is in action

    Source: Time:2020-07-16 13:47:57 views:

    May our small power, can gather together into the sunshine of love! Warm the heart of the warriors of flood prevention, Guizu Group has always been at your side!

        Affected by continuous heavy rainfall and upstream inflow, the water level of rivers in many provinces in South China has risen sharply, and the flood control situation is very serious. Among them, the Poyang Lake Basin in Jiangxi Province is facing the most severe flood control situation since 1998.

        As of 11:00 on July 12, the water levels of Poyang station, Kangshan station, Xingzi station and Tangyin station in Jiangxi Province have broken through the historical extreme value in 1998, and the water levels are still rising.

        Natural disasters are merciless, but people are sentimental. After knowing the flood situation, the Guizu container gives full play to its product advantages, sends flood control containers to flood control units at the first time, provides a shelter from the wind and rain for flood fighters, and lets them experience the warmth of home in the hardest front line.

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        At this critical moment of flood fighting and emergency rescue, it is the bounden duty of the Guizu people to try their best to create conditions to win the battle of defending their homeland together! After knowing that the front-line flood control materials are short and the conditions are difficult, Jiujiang Guizu container has sent flood control materials to flood control units. This is the Guizu container to express love for flood fighting and disaster relief work, and make a modest contribution!

    We may not be able to charge on the front line,
    But we can do our best!
    May our little power,
    Can gather into the sunshine of love!
    Warm the hearts of warriors on the front line of flood prevention,

    Guizu Group is always by your side!