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    The Cabinet group donated epidemic prevention container rooms to the village and produced more than 1,900 epidemic prevention container rooms nationwide

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    The support provided by the Cabinet group to the epidemic prevention front line is not only out of social responsibility, but also a kind of mutual assistance.

    At a checkpoint on Sha Luwan East Road in Nansha District, a simple post station, no more than 10 square meters in size, stands like a container. Epidemic prevention workers are busy guiding newly returned residents to register.

    This is a container house donated to them by Nansha Enterprise Guangzhou Container Company Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Nansha Container Company"), which looks like "industry" in shape, but can also provide shelter from the wind and rain.

    It is understood that since entering the epidemic period, the enterprise with its parent ark clan group's subsidiaries, across the country produced more than 1900 epidemic prevention special container house, now in places such as shenzhen, guangzhou, huaian, yangzhou checkpoint on epidemic prevention and hospital, for a line of duty, isolation and so on epidemic prevention and control work to provide emergency temporary occupancy.

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       Emergency production of emergency container room

        In Shaluwan Village, nansha Sub-district, the entrance of people into the village is the key point of epidemic prevention work. Since February 1, the Shaluwan Village Committee has organized the staff to be on duty 24 hours a day, taking the temperature of the villagers and registering their health information.

    "At first we only had two simple awnings, and when the wind blew hard, it was terribly cold." The relevant person in charge of Sha Luwan Village committee said that nansha Qizu successively sent two container rooms to the village as checkpoints. "The on-duty inspection was much better, and the wind and rain were less painful".

    Since January 22, the group has produced more than 1,900 containers for epidemic prevention. "The container room is basically designed with doors, Windows and electrical equipment. It can be used for temporary residence or office work. It is flexible to move and install, especially suitable for emergencies." Liang Jufeng, a local entrepreneur in Nansha and vice President of The Cabinet group, said that if it is nearby, it only takes about an hour and a half for a container room to be hoisted from the factory to be placed successfully.

    In addition to the inspection stations set up in grassroots communities and expressway intersections, container rooms produced by the cabinet group have also become the choice for some hospitals to set up temporary isolation rooms. Different from the residential containers used in the general construction site, the isolation rooms they designed for the hospital are better sealed, equipped with independent bathroom, TV, water heater are also basic configuration.

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        According to reports, the group has provided temporary housing support to communities, intersections and hospitals in Linyi, Huaian, Taizhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places in the country for epidemic prevention and control, and quite a few of them are donated for free.




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